Aluminum Distortion Control

Distortion Control involves a number of different technical aspects of the heat treating process.  When processing aluminum alloys, distortion involves the technical understanding and application of two main occurrences: 
  • Distortion that occurs during the solution heat treating and quenching process
  • Distortion that occurs when machining fully heat treated parts. 

Controlling these different distortion occurrences involves an understanding of qlycol quenching techniques and the use of additional stress relieving techniques, primarily uphill quenching.  When used in combination, these techniques can achieve heretofore unachievable control in eliminating distortion in heat treated aluminum parts. 

Tom Croucher has been involved in the proper understanding and application of these principles for the last 40 years. He has published numerous papers on the subject and these are available to anyone interested. A list of some of these publications can be obtained by clicking of the proper link. In conjunction with local heat treaters, Tom is prepared to process any aluminum part that is currently having distortion problems and to prove to the customer that the part can be processed correctly with little or no distortion problems. 

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