We have provided unique specialized services to the heat treating industry for the past 40 years.  We deal primarily with aluminum heat treating and are specialists in distortion control, controlling residual stresses and machining distortion.  We also provide quenchant testing services for both steel and aluminum quenchants.  We also provide training and consulting services as well as document development, and assist in preparation for Nadcap audits.  We are members of SAE Amec and Commodity committees, and are an active member of the Nadcap committee.  We previously chaired the training committee for the Los Angeles Chapter of ASM.  As an active member of the Amec committee, we are currently responsible for specifications such as AMS 2770, Heat Treating of Aluminum Parts" and previously was responsible for AMS 3025, Glycol Quenchants and AMS 2658, Hardness and Conductivity Testing.


  • Oil Quench Testing to AMS  2759 and AMS-H-2759 requirements.
  • Distortion Control.  Means of Controlling distortion thru different means by achieving dimensional stability through different processes.
  •     Water Quenching Methods
  •     Glycol Quenching - Controlling Quenching Distortion and Lowering residual stresses to eliminate machining distortion.   
  •     Uphill Quenching Techniques to minimize movement during machining operations.
  • Glycol Quench Testing Services and Consulting.
  • Calibration services to the heat treating industry.  - Refractometers, Conductivity Meters, Viscosity Testing Refractive Index Measurement, Glycol control and salt control. 
  • Aluminum foundry problems, particularly in High Strength Premium Castings.
  • Specification and Work Instruction Development and Preparation.
  • Legal Testimony - Expert Witness and Case Development. 
  • Training of Heat Treaters and Heat Treat Inspectors