Calibration Services


Our calibration services mainly involve the calibration of meters associated with the control of glycol quenching tanks in accordance with AMS 2770, "Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloy Parts".  The primary method of concentration control is measurement by refractive index, using either an optical or digital refractometer.  These instruments are required to be calibrated against know concentration standards on a quarterly basis.  We have been providing these calibration services for the past 20 years. 
Our calibration methods are unique in that we accurately prepare our own glycol or glycol/salt standards using a precise weight method.  The meters are calibrated at sufficient intervals to achieve a precise calibration curve, and then this curve is digitized and presented to the customer so that determining the  glycol or salt concentration from the calibrated  meter can easily be made by an operator.
We calibrate both optical and digital meters.  We are also in the process of conducting additional research into different methods of concentration control, and are in the process of evaluating newer digital meters to determine the applicability of the meters for glycol concentration control.  Although we are normally not in the business of selling meters, we have made arrangements with a couple of distributors to provide either optical or digital  meters that meet the current requirements of AMS 2770. 
Key Benefits
  •     Meters are calibrated against accurately prepared glycol standards, and not sugar.
  •     Digitized reports are provided eliminating the use of an unreliable multiplication factor.
  •     The results of ongoing research is available to any customer so that he can increase his reliablity.
Sample Reports

Sample reports can be viewed by clicking on the line as noted.
  •     Sample Optical Refractometer Calibration.
  •     Sample Salt Meter Calibration.