Consulting Services

Tom provides two types of consulting services


Tom's technical consulting services has mainly been involved with the aluminum heat treating and metals fabrication industries.  Most efforts are centered around production problems, quality systems development, work instruction and specification preparation and general production problems.  He has extensive experience in quenching problems, avoiding blisters, eutectic melting, corrosion resulting from improper heat treating procedures and practices to insure that required properties are met through proper processing.  

He has been involved with a number of heat treating companies in providing services involving Nadcap accreditation and has extensive experience in quality systems, work instruction development and AS 9100 procedures.

He has also been directly involved with many of the major aerospace companies in providing seminars in specialized areas which have resulted in product improvements.  

He has consulted directly with both aluminum forging and extrusion companies in all areas of metallurgical fabrication.


For the past  23 years, Tom has acted as expert witness in a number of cases.  He has also been hired to be a team leader by several attorneys.  In this capacity, Tom was responsible for directing the technical investigation and finding and hiring the appropriate technical experts for the attorney.  Much of the investigation effort was conducted in his own laboratory.  Although most of his efforts involved some area of heat treatment or metallurgy, in some instances, because of his investigative skills, Tom would work as a failure analysis expert in cases that did not involve metals or metallurgy.  In these instances, Tom would testify as to particular aspects of the failure itself and direct the hiring of the necessary experts when specific testimony was required.