Quenchant Testing Services

For the past 18 years, we have provided quenchant testing services to the Steel and Aluminum heat treating industries.  Most specifications, i.e AMS 2759, AMS-H-6875 and many company specifications require that all oil and many polymer and water quench tanks be monitored on a quarterly basis.  These tests are an assurance against contamination and provide the heat treater that his quenchant tanks are continually providing the proper quenching speeds in order to achieve the proper hardness and strengths in his heat treated product.  Our quarterly test plans makes it easy for the heat treater to efficiently and economically meet these requirements and be assured that he is maintaining good control over his quench tanks.  Our tests are based on the cooling curve method of ASTM D-6200 and ISO 9810.  We also perform GM quenchometer tests using either the bare ball or chromized ball  method.  Over the years we not only have supported heat treating and major aerospace primes, but have also conducted extensive testing for some of the major oil companies.   

Key Benefits

  • Both Cooling and Rate Curves are supplied with each test
  • With our quarterly plan, trending plots are provided for key quenchant characteristics  
  • We provide the sample bottles free of charge for each test

  • All tests are economically priced.
  • The costs for each tests depends upon the plan selected, the number of samples and the frequency of test.

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