Training Services

For the last 40 years, we have been providing technical training in all facets of aluminum heat treatment and technology. These training courses and seminars have been given throughout the country at companies such as Boeing Wichita, Boeing Seattle, Bell Helicopter, General Dynamics, Alcoa, McDonnell Douglas and the Aluminum Foundry Association as well as numerous commercial heat treaters such as Bodycote, Lindberg Heat Treating, Astro Aluminum, Alumatherm, and Aerospace Aluminum Heat Treating. They have also been given as five and ten week evening courses in the Los Angeles Area for the past 30 years, sponsored either by ASM, MHTA, or Croucher Associates. Over the past 18 years, we have developed a unique training curriculum targeted toward the training of Aluminum heat treaters to meet the requirements of SAE-ARP 1962, "Certification of Heat Treating Personnel."

The following courses comprise this curriculum:

    AL 101     Heat Treat Shop Fundamentals
    AL 102     Basic Aluminum Heat Treating
    AL 103     Advanced Aluminum Heat Treating
    AL 104     QC Procedures in the Aluminum Plant
    AL 105     Qualification of Hardness Testing Personnel
    AL 106     Qualification of Conductivity Testors
    AL 107     Producibility of Large Aluminum Structures
    AL 108     Fundamentals of Glycol Quenching and Distortion Control
    ST 101      Fundamentals of Heat Treating Steel
    TI 101       Fundamentals of Heat Treating Titanium Alloys

Course curriculum can be viewed by clicking on the link of each course or seminar.


Recent Activity

We recently completed a short five week course sponsored by the Metal Heat Treaters Association in Los Angeles.  We are currently considering  developing specialized courses such as "Controlling Residual Stresses in Forgings With Polymer Quenchants".

The seminars listed are given in many different forms. In the Los Angeles area, they are given as a ten week evening course. They are also offered as captive in-plant intensive seminars to supplement company training for heat treaters, managers, design engineers, quality control personnel among others.